Our services

East Coast Valve Services, Inc. is a leading industrial valve and actuator reconditioning and repair company specializing in power plant and marine valves, with shop locations in Chesapeake, VA and Groton, CT.

With 3 fully-equipped mobile repair shops, we are also able to provide the same comprehensive in-shop services at your location no matter where you are in the entire world as well as the United States. Our qualified team of skilled technicians and tradesmen are also ready to travel anywhere in the world.
The focus of East Coast Valve Services, Inc. is to not only provide top-notch quality reconditioning and repair services but to also offer the best customer service. We not only take pride in working with your company; we take pride in our abilities and expertise in the valve repair industry. At East Coast Valve Services, Inc., we stand behind our work proudly.
While we can recondition every type and size valve, East Coast Valve Services can also manufacture parts, if needed.

Services & Field Capabilities

Complete valve services for all types of valves
Motor operator & actuator repairs and calibrations
Steam, air and water testing capabilities
ASME certified and Mil-Spec certified welding repairs
CLA-VAL recognized repair facility
Total of 3 fully-equipped 48 foot mobile machine shop
National board certified VR repair facilities
Stress relieving
Silver plating
Complete shop and field machining services to include parts overhaul, refurbishment and new manufacturing
AVK testing allows us to test on-site without having to shut the plant down.
Overhaul and test safety valves on and off-site

TRILLIUM Valves ™ is pleased to announce the expansion of products and territories for East Coast Valve Services, Inc. (ECVS).

ECVS will represent Atwood & Morrill®, Batley Valve®, Blakeborough®, Hopkinsons®, and Red Point® valve brands in all New England states, parts of New York and Pennsylvania, plus North Carolina and Virginia. They will cover all markets, except Nuclear power.

We are excited about our expanded partnership with their Mid-Atlantic office in Virginia and we look forward to working with ECVS to support our customers in the above markets and territories.

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